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In order to be considered, you must first meet the minimum qualifications for each program.  If qualified, submit an application for consideration.  All applications must be submitted and 100% of the fees paid no later than August 15th in order to be considered for the Fall semester and no later than December 10th for the Spring semster.  Late applications will incur an additional administrative fee.


For the hybrid high school program, a candidate must be:

1.  Currently enrolled at a local Bulgarian school in 8th, 9th or 10th grade. Some arrangments can be made for students in 11th grade, but more hours of attendance will be required

2.  At least 14 years old

3.  Interested in fulfilling the graduation requirements of a Bulgarian High School as well as an American High School  

4.  Willing to take on additional coursework each year

5.  Able to demonstrate that their English is at a B2 level or higher by the beginning of the semester

6.  Familiar with how to fully use a computer and the Microsoft Office Suite for assigned work


For the AP courses program, a candidate must be :

1.  in 11th or 12th grade

2.  At least 17 years old

3.  Interested in obtaining college level courses through our school

4.  Able to take on 2 to 3 AP courses each year

5.  Able to sit in for AP exams in Sofia in May of each year

6.  Willing to enroll in SAT and IELTS/TEFL courses in 12th grade, as required by the perspective universities

7.  Able to demonstrate that their English is at a B2 level or higher by the beginning of the semester

8.  Familiar with how to fully use a computer and the Microsoft Office Suite for assignment work


For the full high school program, a candidate must be:

1.   A student who has completed 8th grade and is at least 15 years old.  

2.  Willing to enroll exclusively at the American High School of Bulgaria for their High School Diploma

3.  Able to obtain transcripts from their current school

4.  Able to make a full commitment to the program and willing to maintain a C average in all classes

5.  Able to demonstrate that their English is at a B2 level or higher by the beginning of the semester

6.  Familiar with how to fully use a computer and the Microsoft Office Suite for assignment work


If you feel that you qualify and would like to be considered, click on the 'Download' link below to download the application. Please mail your application, a motivation letter and one reference letter to AmericanHighSchoolBG@gmail.com  


​For students who are currently enrolled in a Bulgarian high school but wish to obtain an American High School Diploma as well, this option would allow them to equalize their learning and enroll only in selected courses that they need to complete the USA high school diploma requirements. This track would allow them to fulfill their American High School Diploma requirements without leaving their traditional Bulgarian school.


Alongside their High School program, students who know that they want to study in the United States would be able to begin preparing for their SAT/ACT tests and taking them yearly in order to improve their score.


Once students reach 12th grade, they would then have the option of taking concentration courses that would aid them with their university or college enrollment, or work on improving their SAT test score by taking additional SAT-preparation courses.


This program can be adapted to students in all grade levels from 8th to 12th grade.


Advanced Placement  (11th -12th GRADE)

​For students who have already reached 11th or 12th grade through their regular high school system, this program will allow them to take AP College Prep courses from a Regionally, Nationally and Internationally accredited High School diploma from the United States.  


This program is completed in one or two academic years (September to June) and can be obtained by students alongside their final two years in their regular high school. For this reason, courses are offered at flexible hours.


In conjunction with the AP College Prep program, students would be able to prepare for their SAT testing, which is required for most universities in the United States.  


Due to the fact that students are non-native speakers, they would also have to prepare for and take the IELTS or TOEFL tests to prove their English proficiency.


​With this 4-year full program, students learn the basic subjects needed to be granted a fully-accredited US high school diploma. Unlike the typical 4-year Bulgarian program which is usually laden with subjects that children may never have full use for, the subjects covered in this program allow children to obtain well-rounded knowledge in all necessary subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English as well as elective classes of their choosing. An IT specialization Diploma is also available with IT-only electives.


Students will be solely enrolled in this track and will only be able to obtain an American High School diploma upon completion.  The high school diploma obtained is Regionally and Nationally accredited in the United States, and is proven to have been accepted by hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the United States.  The AP Honors program could be added to the final year along with SAT courses to improve scores and preparation, but since all education is in English, no IELTS or TOEFL will be needed.

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